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§1 Orders are booked automatically in one minute and manually until 72h. Pooled 7 days a week, usually from 8.00 to 22.00, but the time may be longer or slightly shorter. Chat Status shows our availability.

§2 Execute order after receipt of the amount due. Information on the status of your service, and data are sent to the email address you fill in form

§3 In case of technical problems such as failure of the Internet, power, server, payment intermediary, banks, etc. servicing hosting the execution time can be longer.

§4 If you pay less than the amount should be paid into an account we send only after receiving full payment.

§5 Settlement of transactions by e-transfer is carried out through the Settlement Centre Paymaster24 LTD, Sofort-Banking, Dotpay, Paysera, OKPAY, Payssion Limited.

§6 Our keys are derived from a legitimate source, straight from the services / suppliers where we have Reseller status.

§7 After the order the return or exchange is not possible.

§8 Complaints and any kind of oversight on the part of our site please report from the email address given in form